Interviewing a REALTOR®

To assist in making the decision on which agent to choose, here is a list of possible questions to ask the agent:

  1. Where does the majority of your current business come from? Are you stricly a listing agent or do you also regularly work with buyers? Are you comfortable with me calling your previous clients for references?
  2. What kind of ongoing communication can I expect from you throughout the process?
  3. Where do you think the buyer for my home will be coming from?  Will it be a Move-up Buyer (Upgrade), or a Previously Renting (First Time Home Buyer)?
  4. How will you market to this particular buyer?  What proactive steps will you perform to reach this specific targeted buyer other than the 4 P’s?  (Please see the 4P’s listed below)
  5. What do you do as an agent that is exceptional that sets you “above” the average Realtor in your area?  (Please do not quote me your company’s statistics, show me and tell me what you personally do to promote your listings).
  6. What could I do to improve the marketability of my home?
  7. What is the biggest drawback to my home?  (Possible buyer objections-please be candid with me now, so that I know what to expect).
  8. Do you think that a buyer incentive is called for on my home?  What incentive would you recommend?

When you are interviewing agents, it is also to your advantage to select an agent who not ONLY performs the 4 P’s, but also has many of the following “Proactive Marketing Strategies” such as:

  • Is Both a Listing Agent and a Buyers' Agent-Understanding curent inventoryrequires being intricately familiar with what properties are, and which ones are not, selling in a given neighborhood.
  • Treats you as a partner in the process: Has a system for keeping you informed every step of the way- (even offers for you to tour prospective competition with him/her, before reaching your decided upon price point-), in order to ensure a Win/Win Situation!
  • Is willing and capable of assisting you with consulting with any necessary contractors if preliminary work is recommended.
  • Conducts "Mega Open Houses," where entire surronding neighborhood is personally invited via Door to Door Invitation Deliveries, and momentum "Coming Soon"  Video Clips  are posted on social media, in order to build "Grand Opening" excitement!
  • Has your home Professionally Photographed (including aerial and virtual tours) and Professionally Copywritten description prepared, for all print and online advertising. 
  • Invests time and money in Brokers'  Open Luncheons with door prizes and raffles, in order to entice additional agents to view your home and bring back their prospective buyers!
  • Invests time and money in Direct Mail Program and Personal Phone Calls to neighbors about who they may know that may find your property to be the perfect new home!
  • Has a System for answering all sign calls and online inquiries (within minutes!) and is available to show your home with little notice, usually within the hour!
  • Has a system for regularly reaching out to obtain feedback from all showings and informs you of all commnets in a timely fashion.
  • Makes suggestions if showings slow down or if showings are plentiful but offers arent't- 
  • Continuously attends trainings in order to not only stay abreast of all market trend and predictions but in order to better understand what to expect from inspectors, appraisers, loan officers and title company/closing processes.
  • Constantly has your best interest at heart through all negotiations-consults with you not only during time of offer but holds your hand through inspection, appraisal, loan application process, and ultimately, coordination of closing! 

The “average” agent will do the 4 “P’s” on a listing property.  They will:

  1. Put A For Sale Sign in Your Yard;
  2. Put Your Home in the Multiple Listing Service;
  3. Put Your Home in Online Advertising;
  4. Put Your Home on Public Open House.